Referral Building

By finding our commonalities we can connect with others easily. We bond through commonality of experience, desires or energy.

  • Carolyn Myss and wounding
    • We have common trauma/wounding backgrounds
    • Alcoholism, abuse, betrayals, abandonment
  • Schools/Sports
    • Alumni Associations
    • We root for the same teams or schools
    • Huskies, Cougars, Mariners, Seahawks, etc.
  • Shared Experiences
    • Lifespring, Context, EST, Landmark Education
    • Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force
    • Toastmasters
  • Hope and Dreams

Have 3 to 5 conversations starters

  • Share personal things about yourself that others can easily relate to.
  • Listen and share to find what do we have in common?
  • Give the other person an opening—a Communication Hook—that they can respond to.