Celebrity Making Secrets™

What is your brand?
Your brand is everything about you!

Julie HuttonIt’s your
  • Name
  • Face
  • Character and reputation
  • Name tag
  • Logo
  • Websites
  • Business card
  • Collateral (Hardcopy printed items)
  • Advertising
  • Language style
  • Attitude
  • Style
  • Emails
  • Address
  • Appearance
  • Testimonials, EndorsementsArticles
  • On-line-profiles

Press Kit, Bio
  • Long and short versions of your Bio
  • Strategic Marketing Plan
  • 1-2 pages articles to post or blog
  • Paperback or Hardcover books
  • Consider using a good copywriter or editor for all your materials

Samples of Head ShotsCelebrity Making™ Quality Photograph

“Your face is your brand”
—Thomas Powers eCademy.com
   International Social Networking

“Have a fabulous photo taken to put your best face forward.”
—Nancy Juetten
Main Street Media Savvy.com

Pia LarsonGraphics

Nancy JuettenPublicity

FliersPrint Materials
  • Good Graphics are essential for a good image
  • Color is eye-catching and attracts attention
  • Use Knock ‘em Dead Copy
    • Attention grabbing
    • Value-added
    • ‘Page-turning’ to keep them reading
    • Calls-to-action
    • Driving the where you want them to go
         • To your website or e-store
         • To your Bricks and mortal store
         • To call you
  • Here's a great example

Publishing: Articles or Books

  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • eNewsletters

Build Visibility and Credibility
Public Speaker
  • Internet presence
  • YouTube and other similar video sites
  • Networking site profiles
  • Blogs
  • Public Speaking
  • Hosting Networking Events
  • Traditional print media (newspapers and magazines)
  • New non-traditional media
  • TV